Antho Who Doesn’t Want to Work

I was 34 years old if I met Antho first, a alpine fair adolescent man who was ten years bottom than me during aboriginal 2005. On those canicule business action outsourcing had just amorphous that created immense opportunities for the ambitious professionals. That was the time I had just accommodated my job from an NGO in the accommodation as a managing editor for their annual magazine. A semi-skilled being at that time begin it difficult to get advantageous application in accounted companies, as a result, I frequented libraries to amend my adeptness on autograph field.

En avenue to the accessible library is the bakery of Mahesh, area I empiric this fair adolescent man advancing to buy bakery items. He consistently had an air of aplomb which displayed his atomic cared attitude to the world. It was my above aide Dinesh Digal who alien me to this adolescent man who alien himself as Antho Nicholas whose abode anchored just adverse to the NGO alleged IMA area I formed for added than four years.

Once I was abiding from the library I met Dinesh blind out with Antho in the about of the library. Dinesh offered black candy from a roadside beanery which I ate voraciously as I was active abbreviate of money to accept the affluence of bistro outside. I remembered Antho too eat ate the savories in a breath which was a bright indicator that he too accept to be in ambition of job or assets to eat outside. Afterwards my adeptness the adventure was developing a accepted bounden agency amid us as it angry out: both were on job search, defective income, accordingly it makes faculty for both to accompany calmly for acumen career goals.

I never lacked benevolence to those who are in acute need. I empathized with Antho if he anecdotal how his father’s appeal was angry down by John Amalraj who was none added than IMA Secretary Operations with this statement, “there is no abstraction here” if Antho capital to plan in IMA my above workplace.

Sooner than afterwards I active myself as an intern at Indian Express Business Publications Division through the advertence of Oscar Priyanand who was a abbey affiliate of the abbey I abounding in Sec’bad. As I started traveling for a job I was agilely praying that my acquaintance Antho will anon acquisition a advantageous application as he has two dependents: his ancestor and mother.

This does not beggarly that I started accomplishing something applied for Antho. Mahesh’s brother Giridhar was alive on a craven acreage in Dr. AS Rao Nagar locality. I asked Giridhar about any job abstraction for one accurate person. One day, Giridhar beckoned me and told about the abstraction of an accountant and he asked ‘for whom’ I am allurement for the job. If I answered it was for Antho who is aswell a neighbour of him, Giridhar anon replied, “Oh! The job is for Antho, he will not go for the job”. These words were campanology in my aerial years for together. I was such a being who gave aerial to annihilation to aggregate and took the aforementioned for granted. Concerning these words I ruminated – it may be his amiss notion, oh no! he will change, demography recourse to my acutely built-in affectionate nature.

A few months anesthetized afterwards I started alive as an intern in Indian Express Business Publications Division, Begumpet. I was active with my new job and forgot about Antho. If bored, I took amusement in affair my old aide and above acquaintance Prakash Nayak to allotment my adventures about my new job. It was the time I came beyond his brother in law, a adolescent man alleged Deepak who was aswell unemployed like me. One day as I was accepting an breezy babble with Deepak, he appear an important news, “Antho got a job in Bank of America, bacon 14k.” For a being like me cartoon 3-5k stipend, this bulk seemed absolutely big. Antho was aback in my mind. I envied his adeptness to get a advantageous application in his adolescent age as he was 24 at that time.

As months canyon by, I became Antho’s ardent adherent and frequented his abode to get advice on the job market. Clearing several circuit of interviews appeared to me like an acclivous task. But I had to accept that abstruse assorted things from him abnormally key insights on account skills.

After alive for six months in Indian Express Business Publications, I feel, I became bombastic as I was told to do odd jobs. So I waited for my paycheck. No eventually did I accept the paycheck, I chock-full traveling to Indian Express. Meantime apathy sets in acknowledgment to joblessness. I took recourse to the account bi-weekly from Dr. A.S.Rao Nagar Accessible Library. I was such a being who commonly gets absolutely absorbed in account already I lay calmly on a newspaper. I hardly apprehension the humans about me as I aswell had the addiction of demography addendum on what I had read. As I accomplished account an English daily, I looked for addition circadian area I can lay my calmly on, I was afraid to see Antho sitting adverse account Deccan Chronicle. Sensing his absorption I didn’t ambition to afflict him, yet, I capital to see what affair he was reading. To my abruptness he was searching at the classifieds, to be added his eyes were alert to job posts.

I boring came out of the account allowance and waited alfresco for Antho. Hardly 10 account accept passed. I saw Antho arising out of the door. He saw me and was animated to allocution to me. The aboriginal catechism I asked him was, “Didn’t you go to the office?” His blunt acknowledgment was, “I accept larboard that job.” A advantageous job in a accounted company, how can one leave, I muttered. “So how abounding months you formed there?,” I asked “Three months, I had to handle 14 applications, emails allurement for costs status, debit/credit cachet will accumulate on coming, how can I handle so abounding applications”, wondered Antho. At that time I had the money which I accustomed from Indian Express. So spending time bistro alfresco was not a affluence for me with Antho. I acclimated this break to dig out added on what absolutely fabricated Antho leave the job. He abhorrent on aggregate – plan environment, processes, campaigning managers, night about-face etc. The words of Giridhar was campanology in my ears, “Antho will not work, he will plan for two months, three months in a aggregation and again leave the job.”

Antho was abandoned for the afterward months. During that time I who was aswell abandoned acclimated to absorb time administration our adventures in companies. Curious by nature, I asked him abounding questions on abode politics, achievement at work, and attainable skills. I agreed with him alive in accumulated is not so simple area one should accept acceptable attainable skills, complete interpersonal abilities as able-bodied as top activity to accumulate agile. It is not just accomplishment that fits one for a accurate job, I doubted. I abstruse abounding things from Antho, chiefest a part of that was his ascertainment skills. He calmly articular characteristics of personalities, situations which fabricated me curiosity at him. Indeed associations can accomplish one wise. I had to accept candidly that I was badly benefited by his accord and abstruse his compassionate adeptness which I would like to alarm as a sixth sense. I aswell fabricated it a point that Antho should abide at breadth about his sixth faculty during approaching interviews.

For absolutely some time I was alive for a announcer alleged PR Subas Chandran who had an all-encompassing arrangement in the city. It was a part-time job that fetched me some allowance to accommodated my both ends. I was growing professionally. But this too didn’t endure as I fell out with Subas Chandran as he cheated me in payment. My abandoned stint, on the one hand, enabled me to apprehend my accomplishment gaps to plan out for a bigger future.

For about two years afterwards I hardly had a job. During this aeon I empiric Antho abutting some companies and formed for two months or three months. If asked why you are not able to stick to one accurate company, he answered, “That accurate action is gone.” What is the acceptation of ‘gone’? I wondered. “The audience artlessly chock-full giving the project”, antiseptic Antho.

Is there a atom of accuracy in his statement? I anticipation to myself. Can he be true? These questions consistently pricked me.

In July 2007, if I got a job in Y-Axis, a city-based clearing consultancy, Antho remained jobless. I aggregate my beatitude with him and offered biriyanis often. In Y-Axis, humans acclimated to abdicate afterwards giving apprehension and as a aftereffect vacancies were acquaint often. During this aeon Antho was adversity for ambition of money and his parents were defective acceptable food. This fabricated me accede to do something for Antho. If I empiric added vacancies are advancing in Y-Axis, I referred Antho’s name. He got alleged anon as he performed in an interview. If asked why he larboard the endure company, he answered to the accuser Caroline, “I was clumsy to cope up with the night shift.” This acknowledgment adequately assertive Caroline and he was accustomed atom offer. Antho entered Y-Axis.

Forgiving attributes was acutely built-in in my DNA. I forgot his accomplished annal as simple illusions. I saw Antho agilely interacting with humans and accepting adeptness on clearing processes. One day anesthetized and on the additional day, Antho came bisected an hour backward which fabricated Jayalalitha the operations administrator to ask for a reason. He answered, “Sam told me, I can appear backward and go backward at my wish”. Jaya rebuked Antho’s aggressiveness afore everyone. This address fabricated him mutter, “They should not abuse humans afore others. If at all they ambition to abuse they should yield that being abreast and do it.” On the third day, I empiric Antho didn’t about-face up. Evening, if I came aback from office, I didn’t overlook to appointment Antho to ask what could be the apparent acumen for not advancing to office. Afore I allurement the catechism Antho said, “I cannot plan in such companies who don’t apperceive how to amusement their advisers well.”

“Our parents neither adored money for us nor they purchased a abode so that we can reside afterwards rents. Because of this, we are suffering.” Antho was administration his affliction if I interacted with him afterwards his avenue from Y-Axis. Antho gave aperture his ire on ‘evil people’ like Jayalalitha in the chat ensued. This is how Jaya talks, Antho apish how Y-Axis operations administrator talks and behave. “So abounding companies are there, who cares baby companies like Y-Axis,” Antho connected his harangue.

There were a few others aswell accept adeptness about Antho’s amusing nature, how his capricious accomplishments accomplish his parents suffer. This was reflected in his mother’s account if I visited his abode later. If I agape his abode one day, he was not available. I empiric the sad aspect of his mother who accurate these words, “death better, I am cat-and-mouse for it. Hire is not paid, accoutrement are not there. Antho went for an interview”.

Another acquaintance Simon Suresh who was aswell pitying the sad accompaniment of Antho’s parents told me, “Antho wants added salary, beneath work.” I access into amusement at that statement.

I acclimated to anticipate a lot about Antho’s aberrant character. I anticipation that his ancestors will be befuddled out from their home for defalcation of rent. I began to agnosticism his adeptness also. There were times he accepted that he was concluded from the job. Well, I began to address off him as a failure. I absitively to stop traveling to his abode fearing that I will accept to carapace out money to buy accoutrement for his laziness.

I abhorred him for a week. On a Monday morning, I saw him walking able-bodied dressed in the black abreast the about of his house. He was exulting and alleged my attention. I was apprehensive what shall I do. Antho opened the conversation, “I got a job in Satyam, bacon 20k. The cab will appear at any time for aces up, that is why I am demography a stroll. Just now alone the cabbie alleged me.”

In one sense, I was blessed for two reasons. I got my accord back, secondly, it was a big abatement for me that I allegation not accord money for accoutrement to them.

Next time if I met him, he explained how chichi was the appointment and how he was accustomed aliment coupons to eat delicacies from the canteen. “Satyam gives bake-apple bloom to its employees, it is so nice”, tempted Antho.

He was in the lap of affluence acknowledgment to the nice amalgamation he got from a accounted aggregation like Satyam. I who was advancing 40 didn’t accept the aplomb to plan in a bunch aggregation like Mahindra Satyam. I wallowed in self-pity as I was alive in ‘C’ class, ‘D’ chic companies, doubted my abilities, counted Antho as a abundant persona. That is the ability of brands. Alive in branded companies enhances one’s reputation. I didn’t accept that luxury. These thoughts consistently pricked me and fabricated me down.

Hardly two months anesthetized afterwards this incident. One black I was active browsing the newspaper, the alpine personality of Antho didn’t escape my attention. Antho, I alleged out. The librarian stared at me. Both of us exited from the anteroom for discussions. I opened the conversation, “So today, you didn’t go to the office.” “I larboard that job”, answered Antho. I asked, “what happened.” “Performance is the issue, I was clumsy to acknowledgment abstruse questions,” replied Antho. “Aare bhai so abounding calls are coming. Anniversary alarm will endure for 20 minutes. Why they are allurement so abounding questions,” Antho became indignant. I added a few phrases acknowledging him with this phrase, “we all should accept beneath plan and added salary.” This account had a abatement aftereffect on him and his facial expressions appear the same.

“Chill dude chill”, Antho acclimated to absolute these words. There were times if one opens up one’s apperception and acknowledge they’re a accurate state. It happened in Antho’s case also. Already he said: I formed in Kolkata in a hotel. I formed there for one month. Adjusting with Kolkata is not easy. I acquainted uneasy, I larboard the hotel. That was not the aboriginal auberge I worked. I formed with a auberge in Hyderabad aswell area I becoming a handsome income.

“Why you larboard auberge job in Hyderabad? I asked. “Due to malpractice, we acclimated to actualize chiral bills and allegation the barter less, yield the added bulk from them and allotment the anatomy a part of ourselves. Every day we had ice creams, again awe-inspiring commons generally with mutton treats. I remembered the acceptable days.” said Antho.

“Didn’t your parents accession any questions, how so abundant of money you got etc.” “No questions bhai, they just enjoyed all the benefits, privileges. If my sixth faculty adumbrated there are affairs to be trapped, so I larboard the hotel.” So the parents are the capital culprits, who fabricated the son like this, I summed up.

At addition time he bragged, “The alone aggregation I formed for six months is ICICI Bank. I was alive on their acclaim agenda section. I got rewards aswell for best sales.”

After alive for one and a bisected years in Y-Axis, I absconded from the aggregation during the all-around bread-and-butter abatement in 2008. There was about one year gap during this aeon area I formed for two commercial companies as a abounding timer and added times part-timer. I acclimated the time to coalesce my career with anew added skills. I agilely hoped, I too will plan in branded companies one day like Antho.

The abjection was demography its toll. Antho begin it difficult to accomplish both ends meet. Wiser afterwards seeing his pranks, I started abhorred him till I faced him on a brilliant day. He was advancing aback from somewhere. He looked affable and was animated at me. I anticipation he ability be advancing aback from the interview. “Joined in HSBC a ages ago. Training completed. Now I am on job. The job is difficult only.” His answers were bright adumbration how connected the job will last.

“There are affected parties. We accept to accord a affair to the trainer,” connected Antho with glee. If not what will happen, I interrupted. “Then they will not accord grades for us,” said Antho.

“How can the trainer ask you to accord parties unabashedly,” I asked.

The trainer presented in this way, “Guys I accept abandoned my wallet. So today, you accept to accord me a party.” So this is how the corruption works in big corporates, I wondered.

Hardly afterwards two months, I saw Antho at home during appointment hours. I didn’t allegation to ask him whether he was traveling to the office, his expressions adumbrated he was out of a job.

In two years time, Antho had formed with big companies like HSBC, GE, Satyam, to name a few. I had a animated ambition that he should abide in the job for at atomic one year in one company. Whenever I appropriate him the same, he would answer, “Yes, next time I will be wiser.”

So alive for two months and demography blow for one ages is a acceptable proposition, I who was alive in a recruiting aggregation during night about-face anticipation likewise. I wish, I too could reside like Antho, if one gets a job like Antho, I will at atomic plan for one year in one company. By this time Antho was ousted by his ancestors from his A.S.Rao Nagar house. In fact, the abode owners were his relatives, his aboriginal cousins who gave the abode advisedly as a babysitter initially. Afterwards they afflicted their apperception if they saw him alive in branded companies and began to exact Rs 1500 as rent. Antho defaulted the baby rental bulk assorted times, accordingly ousted from that abode area he backward for about eight connected years.

During that time alone Antho became my neighbour in GR Reddy Nagar almost one and a bisected km from A.S. Rao Nagar. He had some accumulation from his endure aggregation which enabled him to pay beforehand for the new house. For abounding weeks he was afterwards a job and I anticipation that he will be ousted from this abode too.

But one day I could not absence his aplomb and smile which fabricated me ask whether he got a job. Google, Antho was blithely announcing. Google is my latest company, actual acceptable plan atmosphere, awe-inspiring chargeless food. Every day aperitive biriyani, panner, bendable drinks etc. Life seemed at its best for Antho. To my wonder, Antho formed in Google for 5 and a bisected months, which was a abandonment from his beforehand two to three months assignment in one company. The accomplished almanac is ICICI area he formed for six months. I didn’t overlook to ask the acumen for the accident of a new job. “That action is gone, my job was provided by third parties as I am not in the approved rolls for Google, but afterwards six months I can reapply for the aforementioned job,” Antho was aggravating his best to avert himself.

A addled being like me who commonly believes others took so abounding years to accept the DNA of Antho – Antho doesn’t ambition to work. Now I am abiding that he will not plan always but the absorbing actuality is that fate was affectionate to him, gave him a job to abutment his abandoned mother. By the time, he absent his ancestor and he confused his abode to Dammaiguda addition area area he lived for added than two years.

The aeon of alive three months and two months breather is his lifestyle. If some thinks he cannot abide this ambush for long, they are mistaken. Endure time if I empiric he was afterwards a job for about six months. In between, he formed for two companies for two to three canicule each. One accomplished day he told me, “I am an IBMer. Today he is alive in IBM, back March 2015, but how long…

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